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Empower your Personnel
to do more

Equip your personnel with easy-to-use technology for security and protection at all times.

We are the market leaders offering the only comprehensive automated solution for the private security industry.

The Advantages of GuardTek™

  • The ONLY Automated and Comprehensive Solution for the Private Security Industry

  • Fully configurable and integrated solution that eliminates the need for multiple systems

  • Advanced reporting and analysis

  • 24/7 Customer Service throughout the Caribbean and Latin America

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We offer mobile and desktop applications that increase
efficiency and 


GuardTek™: Desktop

Web-based application created to streamline personnel operations.

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GuardTek™: Mobile

The most complete mobile application to better guide and manage security personnel.

• Command Center (GSOC)


• Configurable activity and incident reports

• Parking and Infractions

• Visitor Management

• Asset and Keys Management

• Fully Configurable Dashboard

• Job Order Management

• Certification and Training Alerts

• Geolocation and Dispatch of Personnel

GuardTek™  Desktop

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Powerful and Easy-to-Use Tools

GuardTek™  Mobile

  • Configurable Incident and Activity Reports

  • Automatic Attendance and Schedule Tracking

  • Visitor Management

  • Command Center (GSOC)

  • Fully Configurable Dashboard

  • Job Order Management

  • Certification and Training Alerts

  • Detailed Personnel Rounds

  • Geolocation and Dispatch of Personnel

  • Lone Guard Protection

  • GPS, NFC and QR Code technologies​


Increase the efficiency
of your security personnel


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