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Maintaining Instant Communications During a Critical Event is Key

Our solutions provide instant availability, security, and mission-critical features for your entire communication ecosystem.

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We are pushing technological boundaries, enabling our enterprise and public safety customers to rise to the moment's demands.


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Public Safety

Public Safety communications have shown major shortcomings, such as the inability to dispatch across radio sectors or regions, lack of effective visual dispatching, and systems interconnection.  CritiComms PTT’s mission is to build solutions that break these limitations and complement traditional radio systems.  We offer Instant Push-to-Talk communications unbounded by coverage area, wireless technology, or device type.  From end-to-end secure software platforms to intuitive applications, we’re transforming the technology of today with tomorrow in mind.

Seguridad Publica

Private Security

With the reduction of spectrum resources, governments are tightening policies on radio frequency.  Analog radios have been unable to meet user's requirements due to limited coverage, features, vulnerability to eavesdropping, and cross-frequency interference. CritiComms PTT (PoC) solution runs over a public or private wireless network, avoiding the bottleneck of traditional trunk frequencies.  Our solutions are customized for each company or government entity with an emphasis on creating a critical communications system and a dedicated dispatch with a country-wide coverage area.  Our PTT solutions deliver mission-critical availability, security, and resiliency for your entire technology ecosystem.

Seguridad Privada


CritiComms PTT communications solutions have been widely adopted by the healthcare field.  We offer healthcare professionals abundant functionalities, such as secure PTT one-to-one and group calls, real-time GPS positioning, SOS calls, multimedia messaging, and image transmission.  This allows visualized management of calls and emergency responses to create a safe and efficient ecosystem.



The CritiComms PTT solution integrates digital communications and GPS technologies to accommodate the requirements of the highly mobile construction industry.  It’s been shown that PoC performs better in coverage, long-distance data transmission, digital encryption, etc., to facilitate communications for construction personnel.  With powerful, smart purpose-built terminals, the CritiComms PTT solutions support features such as flexible grouping without interference, voice calls, multimedia messaging, and real-time GPS positioning. We offer the best subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.



CritiComms Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) system has made it easy for trucking and delivery companies to identify and track the location of their drivers, get route status updates, and ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles in motion. Optimized operations aim to provide better customer service, higher efficiency, and lower operating cost.  With CritiComms PTT solutions you can manage your team throughout the country, regardless of the device, and all in real-time.



CritiComms PTT solutions effectively solve the problems of limited radio range and poor interconnection between different hardware and software systems. We offer instant critical communications with country-wide coverage. CritiComm's PoC solutions integrate instant voice communication, GPS location information, among other functions that will allow you to have the entire operation optimized for greater efficiency and a lower operating cost.  With our solutions, you can manage your team throughout the country, in real-time, regardless of the network or device.



CritiComms Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular (PoC) solutions run on public wireless networks, avoiding the issues and congestion of radio trunk frequencies. Compared to traditional analog radios, PoC solutions have numerous advantages.  PoC is powerful in expanded area coverage, long-distance data messaging, and end-to-end digital encryption. Features like one-to-one and group calls, multimedia messaging, and real-time GPS positioning are critical for security personnel in schools, university campuses, etc.  Today more than ever, maintaining safety in educational establishments is a priority.  Our CritiComms solutions provide the confidence to respond to any emergency.



CritiComms PTT's critical communications solution has been widely adopted by the hospitality industry. Airports, Hotels, Resorts, etc., use our solutions. Our application offers everything you need to obtain a safe and efficient ecosystem, such as instant PTT calls, real-time GPS positioning, SOS calls, multimedia messages, and image transmission, which allows visualized management of calls, emergency and security responses, as well as work management coordination.



CritiComms Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solutions adopt GPS location-based services and digital critical communications technologies to suit the requirements of the Mining industry.  Our solutions are adaptable to work over “Private LTE” systems, satellite links and WiFi, etc., where normal cellular coverage is not available.  Features such as long-distance data transmission, digital military encryption, image relay, real-time GPS positioning, and the ability to work with essentially secure purpose-built devices, give you the confidence to respond to any emergency as well as leading and managing your team.


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